November 14, 2023

The Bright Side of the Dark Side

As someone who has struggled with excessive positivity in the past, I can attest to the fact that it is not always as beneficial as it may seem. While a positive attitude can certainly be helpful in many situations, there is also a dark side to excessive positivity that is worth considering.

For me, the biggest danger of excessive positivity was the way it led me to ignore or deny my negative emotions. I would try to push away any thoughts or feelings that were negative, thinking that they were unproductive or unnecessary. This meant that I never fully processed or dealt with my negative emotions, and they ended up being pushed down and repressed. Over time, this led to emotional issues and a lack of emotional well-being.

Another danger of excessive positivity was the way it led me to develop unrealistic expectations. I would expect myself to always be happy, to never encounter any difficulties or challenges, and to always be able to control my emotions and circumstances. When these expectations were not met, I would become disappointed and frustrated, and I would start to feel like a failure.

Excessive positivity also made it difficult for me to handle criticism. Whenever I received any form of negative feedback, I would view it as an attack on my positive outlook, and I would become defensive and reactive. This made it difficult for me to learn and grow from constructive feedback, and it hindered my personal and professional development.

Finally, excessive positivity led me to lose touch with my authentic self. I would present a false or exaggerated version of myself to the world, and I would become less genuine and less authentic. This made it difficult for me to form genuine connections with others, and it led to a lack of fulfillment and happiness in my personal and professional life.

As I have come to realize the dangers of excessive positivity, I have also come to understand the importance of finding a healthy balance. Just like a tree that bears citrus fruit, we need to have both the sunny, positive side and the shadowy, negative side in order to grow and thrive.

If we only focus on the sunny side, we may end up like a tree that has been over-fertilized with too much sunshine and not enough water and nutrients. We may become overly sensitive and fragile, and we may be unable to handle the storms and challenges of life.

On the other hand, if we only focus on the shadowy side, we may end up like a tree that has been neglected and left to wither in the shadows. We may become bitter and cynical, and we may be unable to enjoy the sweet fruits of life.

But if we find a healthy balance, we can be like a tree that is well-watered and nourished, with plenty of sunshine and shadow. We can be strong and resilient, and we can bear the sweet and juicy fruits of life. We can enjoy the beauty and bounty of the world, and we can weather the storms and challenges that come our way.

So let us strive to find a healthy balance in our lives, and let us embrace both the sunny and the shadowy sides of life. Let us be like the tree that bears citrus fruit, and let us live happy and fulfilling lives.

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